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A Vast Fornicatorium

Dr Oliver D Bathoctopus
15 December 1971
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35 year old collage artist and musician living in Dunedin, New Zealand. Like most LJers, you can tell more about me from my interests than from my biography.
My collage art can be found here.
I like stuff: art, music, cats, pop culture, dark humour.
I like friends who respond to my posts more than lurkers who never say anything.
In November 2006 I became a father for the first time. Words cannot describe the delight and joy I feel when I look at my beautiful son - I love him more than I can say.
I produce my own ambient / space dub / electro-pop music under the name Sharkweek. Last year I released my debut album and I hope to release the second album late in 2007.
Listen to Sharkweek music here.

"The Hammerhead Nebula" collects the best new Sharkweek tracks as well as revamped and reworked versions of old favourites.
A rich blend of lush electronica, sometimes-busy beats, and manipulated found sounds are complemented by vocal samples from a wide variety of sources including a NASA scientist (who gave his blessing to the project), obscure infomercials and a fine pair of talented vocalists. You'll hear elements of pop, ambient, dub, and experimental styles in Sharkweek songs, but there's always something recognisably "Sharkweek" about them! It's music that's simple yet dense, spacey without being formless, and humourous without being silly.
Reference points and influences include The Orb, Orbital, Future Sound Of London, Boards Of Canada, Lemon Jelly, Astralasia, Banco de Gaia, and New Zealand luminaries like Module and Pitch Black.
Buy yourself a copy!

I'm also a member of The Tom Bosley Experience, making darker electronic music with my good friend seanfish. We've recently released our second album, "Who's Your Daddy?". Selections from this album can be heard on our Myspace page.